Wednesday, December 05, 2007

dESIRE for Sale

dESIRE #005000
As part of the dESIRE Project I am both capturing and selling my dESIRES. dESIRES are sold in units (1 unit equals 100 consecutive desires). Individual units are recorded in the following way: dESIRE 000001-000100, dESIRE 000101-000200, dESIRE 002201-002300 or dESIRE 005401-005500, for example.

For each unit the purchaser is buying 100 of my intangible dESIRES as well as the 100 color photographic representations of these dESIRES. The photographic representations will be included on one CD-Rom Disk. Each unit is unique and includes original intangible desires and original color photographic representations, therefore, the unit will not be duplicated or sold as copies.
Current Market Value of 1 Unit of dESIRE = USD $100. Order Now because the price of a Unit of dESIRE is about to increase. 

For more information and to order check the desire section of my website:

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