Sunday, December 07, 2008

Serial Drapery

Please visit my Cosmic Drapery Flags Blog:

Cosmic Drapery Flags is part of a series of inter-connected works in my Cosmic Drapery Project. Cosmic Drapery Flags is a collective project in which numerous women participate in creating hanging flags (each 90 cm wide by 119 cm long) made of heavy black crepe-like fabric on which nomadic fabric is appliquéd on to both sides of the flag by means of stitchery. These appliqués and their emerging stitches turn the black fabric into an ultimate entity of syncretic drapery.

This blog has been created to document the flags' development -- track the flags, show updated embroidery work and profile some of the women who have participated in the project.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

blütenweiss presents:

December 20 & 21, 2008
Opening: December 19th at 7 pm
Greeting: Sirgid Klebba

Opening hours: 12 - 7 pm
Kunstraum Kreuzberg / BethanienMariannenplatz 210997 Berlin, Germany tel.:0049(0)30/90298-1455U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor
more information:

Monday, November 17, 2008

1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran Travels to Berlin

The Roaming Biennial of Tehran is headed to Berlin, check below for information on the various events related to the biennial:

The 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, Berlin
20 Nov.2008 - 7 Dec. 2008
Urban Jealousy in Berlin

Openings and Opening Performances:

Skalitzer Straße 133 10999 Berlin
Exhibition Opening: 7pm (Music performance Starts at 8pm)

SONATA REC ( audiovisual performance )
[-HYPH-] ( live electronics )
ERFAN ABDI ( sound art )
DJ KOSTULAH ( post punk/ussian garage /centralasia electro )
VJ GENTRIFISUAL ( Goodzilla VS Badzilla )
BALLGARD ( Tehrani Free Funk Rock Band )

Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

Performance by EMANUELE RODO ,MATTEO ROVESCIATO , DARIO FARIELLO ( Words ,Painting ,Sax, improvisation )
In front of bethanien Building at 5pm

Exhibition Opening: 7pm (Music performance Starts at 8pm)
UTKU TAVIL ( Audio Performance )
BIJAN MOUSAVI ( Acoustic rock )
GUDUBIK ( Experimental Dub Band )
KOSTJA PICUNDA 84 ( Cello and Electronics )
2/5 BZ ( Audio-gentrifisual Performance )
ARASH SALEHI aka THE11 ( Intelligent Techno / Bandar Beats )
BALLGARD ( Tehrani funk Rock band )
JUNKTION 'NASDIA' ( Dubstep to Orientalcore Dj Set)

Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berliner Allee 125, Weissensee, 13088 Berlin
Opening 6pm (music performance starts at 7pm)

UGLY AMERICANS ( Wallywoods' Punk Funk )
BALLGARD ( Tehran Free Rock Band )
GUDUBIK ( Experimantal Dub Band )

23 nov. ICH ORYA
Oranienstraße 22 - 10999 Berlin
Opening:10 pm

DJ NASE ( Kontra Oriental )

For more information on the Biennial check here:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Umelec Magazine Issue 2/2008

Umelec Magazine has published a review entitled ‘Unfolding the Middle East: Kristen Alvanson’s Nonad’ (by Robin Mackay) on my ‘nonad’ exhibition in their current Issue 2/2008. Umelec is based in the Czech Republic and is published in English, German, Spanish and Czech.

Mackay begins, “In his 1998 book on Leibniz, philosopher Gilles Deleuze proposed the figure of ‘The Fold’ as a way in which a philosophy of immanence might measure the multiplicity of the uni­verse. If Being speaks in one voice, if we invoke no transcendent plane of organisation, then how can difference be articulated? Deleuze’s vision of folds-within-folds, which he discovers to be the reigning principle of the baroque, extends to labyrinthine structures enfolding infinite complexity (or implexity) without yielding to any form of transcendence. Kristen Alvanson, an American artist working in Iran, suggests that we read the Middle East, in all its obscurity, inscrutability and hybridity, in terms of such a topological model, as a fabric folded and refolded into a baffling surface where disparate elements abut unexpectedly and overlap each other in paradoxical fashion. Inversely, her recent work demonstrates how the multiple cultural codes at work in the region can be manifested through the folds of its fabrics…”

For more information on Umelec and where to purchase it check here: Umelec Magazine

For more information on work from my Cosmic Drapery Project, please visit a new section on my website which includes information on Nomadic Fabric Chadors, Spell Chadors, Cosmic Drapery Flags and Abjad-9.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pharmakon Library

Pharmakon Library
Created + Curated by Christina McPhee

The project is produced in association with Silverman Gallery, San Francisco.
NY Art Book Fair, October 23-26, 2008

My work ‘Poison In/Poison Out’ will be included in Christina McPhee’s Pharmakon Library.
Pharmakon Library is an ongoing series of graphic folios created and curated by Christina McPhee. The folios comprise a series of open works by artists who address, through image and/or text, the principle of critical reversability, or proximity of poison and cure. "Pharmakon" in Greek may mean antidote, recipe, poison, drug, spell, remedy, drug, talisman, gift and paint. Each folio consists of pigment jet archival prints by three artists. Each folio is produced as an edition of three. The scale of each folio images is 13 x 19 inches each (Super B). Print stock is Epson exhibition photographic paper and Niyodo washi; and printed with K13 Ultrachrome Epson pigment inks.

The project debut will occur at the New York Art Book Fair October 23-26, 2008, with the release of the initial folios in limited edition.

with invited contributions from artists
Kristen Alvanson, Bertien van Manen, Naeem Mohaiemen, Neal Robinson, Kevin Hamilton, Mickey Smith, Elin Lennox, Dave Iseri, and Christina McPhee.

set one: spell
Elin Lennox, Mickey Smith, Neal Robinson
set two: paint
Naeem Mohaiemen, Dave Iseri
set three: recipe
Bertien van Manen, Kevin Hamilton
set four: antidote
Kristen Alvanson, Christina McPhee

For more information check:
pharmakon folio documentation pdf

click-through thumbnail index (images only)

Monday, October 13, 2008

dESIRE Update

dESIRE #003538

Due to global inflation and demand the price of one unit of desires has been increased from $125 to $200. The last increase was in March 2008 when the price was increased from $100 to $125.

For more information on my dESIRE Project, please check here:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Specialten Magazine issue 22

Specialten the bi-monthly publication, has reprinted my 'Arbor Deformia' article and photography which first appeared in Collapse Vol. 4 in their new Issue 22. Along with my article, the magazine has also printed an interview on Collapse with editor Robin Mackay.

Issue 22 is the third of the hardback editions, contains a DVD disc of interviews, documentaries, art Installations, short films and music videos. This is accompanied by 56 full color pages containing text and photography relevant to the DVD. Each issue also contains a separate Ltd edition print commissioned by an artist. In this issue a Ltd. Edition Print by Irena Zablotska.

Issue 22 includes:
Bruce Webber - Film Interview
Yayoi Kusama - Documentary
Arbor Deformia – Collapse - Article
The Last Shadow Puppets - Film interview
First Place - Short Film
The Notwist - Music Video
Claire De Rouen
meet Micachu - Specialten Session
Ana Begins - Film Interview
Sigur Rós - Music Video
Fear{s} Of The Dark - Film Preview
Cut Copy - Music Video
Bon Iver - Music Video
The Object - Short Film
Blindness Of The Woods - Short Film
Closing Time - Documentary
Puppet Boy - Short Film
Drift - Short Film
and more...

For more information, check here:

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


CYCLONOPEDIA the theory-fiction work of the Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani has just been released by and is now available in bookstores and online. I have written the opening narration chapter and designed conceptual diagrams for the book. More information below…


"Incomparable. Post-genre horror, apocalypse theology and the philosophy of oil, crossbred into a new and necessary codex." – China Miéville, author of Perdido Street Station

"Reading Negarestani is like being converted to Islam by Salvador Dali." – Graham Harman, author of Guerrilla Metaphysics: Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things

CYCLONOPEDIA is a theory-fiction by Iranian philosopher and writer Reza Negarestani. Hailed by novelists, philosophers and cinematographers, Negarestani's work is the first horror and science fiction book coming from and written on the Middle East.

"The Middle East is a sentient entity – it is alive!" concludes renegade Iranian archaeologist Dr. Hamid Parsani, before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The disordered notes he leaves behind testify to an increasingly deranged preoccupation with oil as the lubricant of historical and political narratives.

A young American woman arrives in Istanbul to meet a pseudonymous online acquaintance who never arrives. Discovering a strange manuscript in her hotel room, she follows up its cryptic clues only to discover more plot-holes, and begins to wonder whether her friend was a fictional quantity all along.

Meanwhile, as the War on Terror escalates, the US is dragged into an asymmetrical engagement with occultures whose principles are ancient, obscure, and saturated in oil. It is as if war itself is feeding upon the warmachines, leveling cities into the desert, seducing the aggressors into the dark heart of oil ...

At once a horror fiction, a work of speculative theology, an atlas of demonology, a political samizdat and a philosophic grimoire, CYCLONOPEDIA is work of theory-fiction on the Middle East, where horror is restlessly heaped upon horror. Reza Negarestani bridges the appalling vistas of contemporary world politics and the War on Terror with the archaeologies of the Middle East and the natural history of the Earth itself. CYCLONOPEDIA is a middle-eastern Odyssey, populated by archeologists, jihadis, oil smugglers, Delta Force officers, heresiarchs, corpses of ancient gods and other puppets. The journey to the Underworld begins with petroleum basins and the rotting Sun, continuing along the tentacled pipelines of oil, and at last unfolding in the desert, where monotheism meets the Earth's tarry dreams of insurrection against the Sun.

For more information on the CYCLONOPEDIA, please visit:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL August 17-24 2008 Belgium

There are only two days left to visit Grapes of Art and Vilt's KLEBNIKOV CARNAVAL.

Participating Artists and Writers:

Marko Niemi (Finland) - ZAUMACHINEDidi de Paris - spoken word/performance/voordracht (B)
Herlinda Vekemans (B)
Alain Delmotte (B)
Peter Holvoet-Hanssen (B)
TOX! the new collective consisting ofTine Moniek,(B)
Olaf Risee (NL)Xavier Roelens (B)
Lucas Hüsgen - voordracht (NL)
Maarten Inghels - voordracht (B)
Han van der Vegt - voordracht (NL)
Dirk Vekemans - ha
Helen White (USA)
Philip Meersman - video/audio (B)
A. Andreas - Brahamian Intelligence Service - email Opera/informatieverstrekking/voordracht (NL)
Sonia Dermience (B)
Grapes of Art
Ilse Derden (B)
Arnout Camerlincks (B)
Jan Vossen (B) - painting
Angela Genusa
Christina McPhee
Sergio Basbaum
David-Baptiste Chirot (Canada)
Lanny Quarles (USA)
Johannes Gutenberg (CANADA) - prints/ vispo
Rustin Larson (USA)
Erik Rzepka
Kristen Alvanson - video (Iran- USA)
Reza Negarestani- text (Iran)
Yerna Van Den Driessche - optreden/voordracht (B)
Bert Lema - tekstueel (B)
Luc Fierens (B)
David Troch & Sylvie Marie De Koninck (o.v.) (B)SAGE (Saskia van Herwijnen & Gerrit van Schuppen) - video (NL)Fre Widdekind -spoken word/voordracht/(muziek) (B)Jaan Patterson - graphics (Germany)Moabi & Michael - dance/music (Portugal/België)Lexicon Valley - verhalende performance beeld-geluidJJ Pollet - studyrooms/assemblage

For more information check here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cabinet Magazine issue 30

My photos of Iranian mannequins accompany Nina Power's article 'Mannequins, Manners, and Mutilation' on Mary Wollstonecraft and the mannequins of Iran in the current issue of Cabinet Magazine. Please seek out a copy. The issue also includes:

Digging up numerous items of interest, including:
- Michael Saler on the London Underground's aesthetic departures
- Sina Najafi interviews Rosalind Williams on the subterranean imagination
- Magnus Bärtås uncovers the temple of Damanhur
- Mark Wasiuta on Ant Farm's plans for missile-silo reclamation
- Alessandro Scafi on the underpinnings of Dante's Inferno
- Joshua Foer interviews Michel Siffre on his six-month sojourn in a cave

And closer to the surface:
- Nina Power on Mary Wollstonecraft and the mannequins of Tehran
- Paul La Farge on Victor Hugo's sainthood in Vietnam
- Michael Taussig on the headier influences of Walter Benjamin and William Burroughs
- Sasha Archibald on Alfred Yarbus's science of visual attention
- Moyra Davey on feeling marooned- D. Graham Burnett explores the commonplace book
- Celeste Olalquiaga on coral polyps and the politics of science
- Josiah McElheny on the curious position of Mies van der Rohe's Glass Skyscraper Project
- Allen S. Weiss on the intoxicating aspects of a Japanese guinomi
- Margaret Wertheim interviews Nancy Knowlton on the vanishing world of coral

Cabinet is on sale in the US at independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Tower, Borders, Hudson News, and Universal News. Also available in Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan. A partial list of retailers worldwide can be found at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Urbanomic Studio Event for Under Pressure print exhibition

Prints by
Henri Matisse
Edward Bawden
Sara Ogilvie
Simon DaraSam
Kristen Alvanson
Ruth & Robin Mackay

Saturday 19th July, From 6pm at Urbanomic, Falmouth.

The Old Lemonade Factory
Windsor Mews Studios
Falmouth, UK
TR11 3EX
07977 449416

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Monday, June 02, 2008

Live Concept Horror Party: London June 7

UMELEC - Magazine of the Art Dead and COLLAPSE - Journal of Philosophical Research and Development invite you to the post-launch party for Collapse Volume IV* CONCEPT HORROR


with live experimental grime noise from the mighty PATRICIDE [horror-customised patricide visuals will feature live+direct viditext shoutouts on 0775 4908051 - get it on speed dial now!]

on SATURDAY 7th JUNE, from 6pm (Noise begins at 8.30).

at Divus Unit 30, Shoreditch.
Unit no. 30

3rd Floor
North Entrance
37 Cremer Street
London E2 8HD
10 Mins from Old St. Tube0207 7398993

Thursday, May 29, 2008

International Roaming Biennial of Tehran

I will be participating in the First International Roaming Biennial of Tehran. The exhibition which is themed 'Urban Jealousy' is curated by Amirali Ghasemi and Serhat Koksal. As the title suggests, the exhibition will be roaming with the first stop and official opening in Istanbul at Hafriyat Karakoy:

First International Roaming Biennial of Tehran
Hafriyat Karakoy
Necatibey Cad. No: 79 Karakoy Istanbul, Turkey
30th May - 6th July 2008

For more information check

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Azad Gallery Release on nonad

Azad Gallery No. 41, Salmas Sq., Golha Sq. Tehran, Iran +98 21 88008676

Kristen Alvanson

May 23-28, 2008

Two nomadic fabric chadors - blue (2007) and pewter (2008)

Azad Gallery is pleased to present nonad (of nines and nomads), a solo exhibition by the Iran-based American artist Kristen Alvanson, opening Friday, May 23. In Alvanson's first Tehran exhibition, a western artist reanimates her artistic experiments with an entirely new arsenal of conceptual and material resources.

Since leaving New York, Alvanson has explored the threefold of textiles, women, and the Middle East in all its formations, anomalies, enigmas, political speculations, and aesthetic conjectures. Her new work includes nomadic fabric chador (Persian veil) sculptures, abjad-9 drawings, and an animation from her Cosmic Drapery Project.

For the exhibition, Azad Gallery is transformed into a garden of hanging folds. Nine colorful chadors are hung throughout the gallery. As viewers weave through and interact with the installation, they discover implicit sociopolitical structures of these nomadic fabric sculptures as well as their nomadic persuasions in regard to art and creativity. At 350 cm x 190 cm, each chador contains nine panels, six made of different nomadic fabrics. The rest contain black fabric, the same fabric used for traditional back chadors.

On surrounding walls, the Abjad-9 drawings suggest collective shapes vaguely reminiscent of the patterns of traditional Islamic art. Drawn in Persian ink and calligraphic pen, the drawings reveal the affect space between women in veil or chador, and the forces, folds and movements between them. These elaborately nested structures include half-elliptical shapes, the shape of a Persian veil when fully spread out. These shapes represent women in chador as seen from above.

The animation ninefold is a further visualization of these complex, subterranean relationships and spaces. Like the chadors and the Abjad-9 drawings, it is structured by the number 9, standing for the occluded relations between textiles, women, and the Middle East. In the Middle Eastern occult, nine is the number of unceasing collectivity - worlds created through the hidden bonds of spells and collective tides.
Alvanson’s ongoing Cosmic Drapery Project is an exploration of the enigma of the Middle East through its drapery. It is nurtured by the history of textiles in the Middle East. This history includes clashes and secret dialogues between state and nomad art, their folk beliefs, textiles and modes of creativity.

Alvanson's nomadic fabric chadors explore the interactions between black and nomadic fabrics. These include the differences and compatibilities between patterns, textures, and weight; explicit folding lines; and the distribution of sequins. The potentials inherent in each fabric emerge as islands of alliance or as folds of opposition between state and nomadic art in the Middle East.

Kristen Alvanson (born in 1969 in Minneapolis) lives and works in Shiraz, Iran. She attended The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York and holds a degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Alvanson has exhibited in shows in both the United States and the Middle East. She will be participating in the upcoming International Roaming Biennial of Tehran. Her writing and artworks have been published in Collapse: Journal of Philosophical Research and Development, New Humanist, Frozen Tears III and will be included in an upcoming issue of Cabinet magazine.

For more information visit Alvanson's website at or email Mohsen Nabizadeh of Azad Gallery at azadgallery(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Invitation for 'nonad'

If you happen to be in Tehran on Friday, May 23, please join me for the opening of my exhibition ‘nonad’ from 4-8pm at Azad Gallery.

Azad Gallery
No. 41, Salmas Sq., Golha Sq.
Tehran, Iran
+98 21 88008676

A printable invitation is available here.

I will post more information on the show soon.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Update Collapse Volume IV: 'Concept Horror'

Contributors to this volume include: Kristen Alvanson, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Iain Hamilton Grant, Graham Harman, Michel Houellebecq, Oleg Kulik, Thomas Ligotti, Quentin Meillassoux, China Miéville, Reza Negarestani, Benjamin Noys, Rafani, Steven Shearer, George Sieg, Eugene Thacker, Keith Tilford, Todosch, James Trafford.

Collapse IV, published as a limited edition of 1000 copies, features a series of investigations by philosophers, writers and artists into Concept Horror. Contributors address the existential, aesthetic, theological and political dimensions of horror, interrogate its peculiar affinity with philosophical thought, and uncover the horrors that may lie in wait for those who pursue rational thought beyond the bounds of the reasonable. This unique volume continues Collapse's pursuit of indisciplinary miscegenation, the wide-ranging contributions interacting to produce common themes and suggestive connections. In the process a rich and compelling case emerges for the intimate bond between horror and philosophical thought.

Collapse Volume IV will be shipping around May 15 and is available for advance purchase online.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Collapse Volume IV: Concept Horror

An update from editor Robin Mackay on Collapse Volume IV...

We are delighted to announce that Collapse Volume IV will be published May 2008 and will soon be available for advance purchase online.

Collapse Volume IV: 'Concept Horror' is an investigation into the philosophical, existential, aesthetic, religious and political dimensions of horror. Its task is not to promote theories of horror, but to uncover the horrors that may lie in wait for those who pursue rational thought beyond the bounds of the reasonable.

The volume brings to fruition Collapse's vision of a miscegenated text in which contributions interact and produce a series of interzones or objectively-collaborative spaces. Throughout the volume many different styles of philosophical texts and graphic works intermingle, creating unanticipated connections and adding new dimensions to one another.

George Sieg's Infinite Regress into Self-Referential Horror demonstrates the simultaneously cognitive, existential and political nature of Horror, through a conceptual investigation of victimhood.

In The Shadow of a Puppet-Dance, James Trafford tracks weird fiction writer Thomas Ligotti's anticipation of the radical thesis of neurophilosopher Thomas Metzinger's book Being No-One: namely, that 'there has never been such a thing as a self'.

In Thomas Ligotti's own contribution to the volume, he takes up the work of obscure Norwegian philosopher Peter Zapffe, among others, to take an unflinching journey into the depths of nihilism...

...As a counterpoint to Ligotti's deflation of human hubris, Ukrainian Oleg Kulik, a prominent contemporary artist known for his disturbing investigations into the borders between life and death, human and animal, contributes his photographic series 'Dead Monkeys'.

Eugene Thacker's Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror gives a detailed and penetrating account of the 'teratological noosphere', discussing the ontologies of horror from Aristotle to Lovecraft.

Novelist Michel Houellebecq is well-known for his ability to evoke the horror that dwells within the banalities of contemporary life. His poems, of which a selection are translated into English here for the first time, distil his powerful vision into translucid moments of dread.

Jake Chapman, half of the notorious Brothers Grim of the British artworld, who unveil their infernal new work Fucking Hell in London next month, contributes a set of etchings created exclusively for Collapse in response to the other contributions in the volume.

Quentin Meillassoux's work is familiar to our readers. In the third of a 'trilogy' of essays published in Collapse, Spectral Dilemma, Meillassoux reveals some of the ethical consequences of his deduction of the 'necessity of contingency', through an examination of the problem of 'infinite mourning' for the dead.

Kristen Alvanson's photographs, at once repellent and fascinating, of preserved specimens of deformed and mutated animals and humans, are accompanied by a text which discusses Paré's sixteenth-century treatise which makes of taxonomy itself something monstrous.

German artist Todosch (Thorsten Schlopsnies) meticulous sketches seem to depict varieties of heterogenous slime in the process either of disintegration or coagulation...

...A perfect companion to Iain Hamilton Grant's Being and Slime. This untimely excavation of the naturephilosophische work of Lorenz Oken - according to whom the generation of the universe from a 'primal zero' corresponds to its coagulation from a 'primaeval mucus' - puts an entirely new slant on Badiou's notion of 'founding on the void'.

Benjamin Noys meditates on Lovecraft and the real, revealing that the most abyssal of Horrors is Horror Temporis.

In The Corpse Bride: Thinking with Nigredo, Reza Negarestani shows how Aristotle and Plotinus both unlock and dissimulate the ontological mechanism expressed by an unspeakable form of Etruscan torture.

A rising star, Canadian artist Steven Shearer, contributes a new series of his Poems - striking graphical pieces created through a manipulation of the nihilistic and extreme titles and lyrics of death-metal bands.

China Miéville, better known for his bestselling weird fiction novels, writes on M.R.James and the Quantum Vampire, introducing us to a new fearsome creature from his arsenal, the Skulltopus!

Czech art collective Rafani present their cycle Czech Forest, an adaptation of folk-tale imagery which presents a very modern tale of warcrime and revenge from the end of WWII.

Graham Harman returns to Collapse with On the Horror of Phenomenology: Lovecraft and Husserl. In a polemical defence of 'weird realism', Harman demonstrates that philosophical thought has more in common with weird and horror fiction than it might like to admit...

...Singular Agitations and a Common Vertigo, Keith Tilford's series of images, deftly disintegrated objects with more than a hint of 'pulp', anticipate and shadow Harman's invocation of the weird inner life of objects.

Collapse Volume IV // Ed. R. Mackay // May 2008 // 400pp[TBC] // ISBN 978-0-9553087-3-4 // £9.99

Order here:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

blocks of pest

The back of a diagram for Lessons in Schizophrenia.

For more information on my forthcoming book check here:

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Maskh Project

The Maskh Project has been abstractly created after the forgotten art of Talisman-forging in the Middle East particularly Iran. Middle Eastern talismans are forged in the form of diagrammatic bodies whose true figurative ideas are stripped down to their minimal abstract components – numbers as body parts, letter curvatures as fiendish fauna, geometric elements as skeletal frames and alpha-numeric convolutions or miniature ciphers as elementary particles of the world surrounding the figures. Each talisman or spell-diagram casts a particular spell and by doing so effectuates a metamorphosis or possession. Middle Eastern talismans present the idea of metamorphosis through the realm of in-between, between the figurative and its numero-diagrammatic double.

For more information and new images, please check my website:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

dESIRE Update

In line with demand and current inflation, the price of one unit of desires has been increased from $100 to $125 (date of increase - March 2008). There is still time to buy a unit at a low price. Be a participant in the exploration of the economy of intangible art and desire. Buy a unit now and let's see what happens over time.

For more information, please check here: