Saturday, February 22, 2014

Incredible Machines

Reza Negarestani will be in Vancouver in early March for a few talks including participation in the two-day conference organized by Mohammad Salemy, Incredible Machines: Digitality and the Modern System of Knowledge at the Threshold of the 21st Century more info. here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Check out Wired article on Jeff Vandermeer’s new novel Annihilation

He talks about the dream he had that that inspired the novel. I had the pleasure of reading this story before it was published and it’s wonderful to see how it has come together into not only a beautiful and haunting novel but a trilogy! There's possibly nothing more satisfying than taking a dream and creating something with it, making it more concrete or at least documenting it.

e-flux Journal #52

e-flux Journal #52 02-2014 is out including Reza Negarestani’s article:

Inhumanism is the extended practical elaboration of humanism; it is born out of a diligent commitment to the project of enlightened humanism. As a universal wave that erases the self-portrait of man drawn in sand, inhumanism is a vector of revision. It relentlessly revises what it means to be human by removing its supposed evident characteristics and preserving certain invariances. At the same time, inhumanism registers itself as a demand for construction, to define what it means to be human by treating human as a constructible hypothesis, a space of navigation and intervention.