Thursday, May 17, 2007

Immaterial Art and Treasures of Indulgences

SPACE (Juraj Carny, Diana Majdakova and Lydia Pribisova) and Cesare Pietroiusti have created Evolution de l’Art, a gallery for contemporary art which only sells artworks that are immaterial, with no physical residue, and it does not release certificates of authenticity, nor statements or receipts. Evolution de l’Art is representing, on a non-exclusive basis, artists whose artwork is, at least in the case of some specific projects, alien from any physical-material component. There are no other limitations or requisites for represented artists in terms of medium or technique. Purchases can be made at the headquarters of the gallery (Lazaretska 9, Bratislava) or through their website.

The immaterial art I have created to date has included receipts of sorts (dESIRE) and certificates (Dreams) to document the art. So I was interested in the fact that Evolution de l’Art decided not to include a physical ‘item’ associated with the sale of an intangible piece of art. I thought I’d like to create something for the gallery, so I decided to offer my 'Days in Iran for Sale' at $100 per day.
The idea of immaterial art is identical to the medieval history of the Catholic Church and Christian papal theology in regard to indulgences. It was only during this time that Johann Tetzel, the father of intangible art, could embed his outlandish artistic projects with the abstruse foundations of Christian theology and reading of scriptures. Pieces of lands from heaven and post-mortem years of purgatory were sold, documented with the names of buyers and systematically archived. This is this highest state of intangible art – trading and investing in the celestial dominions. Since in Catholic theology the human is a reeking infinity of sins and heaven is a boundless piece of land, the potentiality of artistic creativities of such intangible trades is limitless.
Check the gallery website for more information: Evolution de l’Art

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